house system


MIhouse is a new house concept for minimal impact on our Earth.

MIhouse is a low cost house concept aiming at having zero impact on our planet once built up and running, as well as zero costs. Our next step is to build a Mini MIhouse prototype to test the complete system in the harsh Swedish weather.

MIhouse cleans and recycles the ventilation air heat, the greywater, poo and pee. The roof collects rainwater and is directed to a drinking water tank. When building we are not planning for short cut grass lawns, but a varied landscape with meadow grass, rocks and plants that butterflies and their caterpillars love and feed on. The fertilizing liquid from the toilet will nurture the plants, and after many years the solids too.

With walls of well insulated 4-glass windows you are served lots of daylight. The glass is further fitted with energy foil sheets to keep the heat better inside at winter and outside at summer. The windows can easily be covered with automatic curtains at night. To even furter improve the insulation value MIhouse can be fitted inside with EPS-foam and boards on some walls.

MIhouse has a minimalistic design, but for a minimal impact on earth we prefer to make good use of the spaces in order to minimize the use of land. Smaller houses means more nature left for biodiversity.

Modern batteries installed in the house are charged by the solar cells at the roof. In Göteborg, Sweden, even on-grid apartment complexes are installing batteries to make better use of the free electricity from the solar cells.

Hydrogen gas, H2, is a totally clean energy carrier. MIhouse will be equipped with a hydrolyzing machine to fill tanks with hydrogen when lots of electricity is available, after the house batteries are fully charged. This can be a long term storage for heat and electricity production through a fuel cell and a hydrogen burner for heating water. This solution is included in the production costs for the MIhouse.

MIhouse is looking for partnerships with investors and construction companies for kick-starting the development and the realization of a prototype to prove that working with the aim of problem-solving is profitable. Now, not in a distant future.

For the owner living in MIhouse the smartphone app will probably be the most exciting feature. It will be a new experience to care about your house and economy every day in every aspect.

Happy builders, owners and tenents are what we want. But the starting point for the development of MIhouse is to care for our common planet and all the varieties of plants and animals we share it with. To make the house financially viable the house is designed for mass production. The simple parts and already ready to order installations makes the production price low, and the living costs next to zero.

The information technology to control the cleaning and energy system will need initial investments to develop, but the buzz the smart phone app will generate will make marketing unnecessary, and will make potential buyers and investors excited.