house system


Detached house

The detached house version of MIhouse is the real challenge that is a stress test on both the independence from external systems for water supply, sewage and electricity, as well as the total costs for a totally autonomous house. The area cost for our prototype at 24 m2 will be initially high. It's the tech installations that drive up the square meter price. The building costs will have to be divided into 50 years, and take into account that the aim is zero living costs. The owners will have to add costs for repairs and updates, just like any houses need. The prototype we aim to build will prove the effeiciency of the systems, the real insulation values and the costs for running the house a year in harsh Swedish weather with little sun during winter and sometimes a warm summer month. Can we reach zero living costs once the house is in place?

Mini MIhouse 24 m2

This size of house is in Sweden allowed to build as an extra house on your plot with an already existing house. This house type is called Attefallshus, named after a swedish minister, and can be 25 m2, 4 meters high and is allowed for permanent residency,

This minimal house fulfills the needs for a holiday home. It offers high comfort without causing any emissions, which makes it easier to place far from populated areas while fulfilling environmental regulations.

MIhouse is a simple steel construction built on a environmentally adapted insulated concrete fundation, with 4-glass windows as walls and a thick but lightweight sheet metal clad EPS foam roof on top. The house is airtight to keep the heat inside, but equipped with FTX ventilation recovering the heat with 90 % set to a needed minimum for maximum preservation of the indoor air heat or cool. Yes, in both summer and winter the smart but simple construction will use the cool or warmth of the grund by letting the incoming air pass through pipelines dug down underneath the house. Natural airconditioning.

The toilet system is interesting. We will install a special environmentally friendly invention where both pee and poo goes down into a tank where the liquid is separated and the solids treated by bacterias and redworms. The toilet will draw air down the hole, acting as the toilet room ventilation, which makes it unnecessary to use dehumidification installations. The ventilated air heat will be recovered as well. No need to empty the soilds for up to 40 years. The liquid is collected in a separate tank. It's a very good and safe fertilizer which can be used to water the garden with plants which helps butterflies and other insects on the decline.

The greywater needs to be cleaned. And, it will be totally recycled. MIhouse does it by itself. It uses a closed greywater cleaning installation dug down beneth the house. After 4 days of cleaning processes, part of it handled by bacterias who must be fed oxygen with an airpump, the water is collected in a water container and is actually ready to use for cleaning and showering. But we'll pass through several cleaning steps making it even cleaner than normal tap water. MI house does also collect the rainwater falling on the roof. The houseowner might choose to use only this water for cooking and drinking, after the extra cleaning steps including filtering and UV-light.

How is the MIhouse air and water heated? Electricity and hydrogen gas from the solar cells on the roof heats the air and water tank for showers and water carried heating. Hydrogen gas, H2, is a totally clean energy carrier. MIhouse will be equipped with a hydrolyzing machine to fill tanks with hydrogen when lots of electricity is available, after the house batteries are fully charged. This can be a long term storage for heat and electricity production through a fuel cell and a hydrogen burner for heating water. This solution is included in the production costs for the MIhouse.

To follow the wellbeeing of MIhouse and to control it's functions it has a connection to a smart phone app. The owner can follow the electricity production from the roof top solar cells, the amount of rainwater in the tank, the temperature in the heat water tank and other datas. Most important  is the possibility to check the wellbeing of the bacterias and the movements of the redworms in the compost. The app will be the most exciting part of living in a MIhouse, to follow the values day by day. En plus it will be possible to control vital house functions, especially the heat while away, which can lower the costs.

The cost of the Mini MIhouse is calculated to 65000 EUR, including the foundation and tech installations, ready to live in.

Family villa 100 m2

With a larger house the square meter cost goes down. The cost of the Family MIhouse is calculated to 115000 EUR, including the foundation and tech installations, ready to live in.

This larger detached house has all the installations that the Mini house has. But a larger house and more inhabitants will increase the need for supervision and control of the house, which makes the app more important in order to maintain needed charging levels in batteries, enough warm water for all to shower, and to warn if airpumps or other systems isn't functioning right.