house system


Smart phone app with MIhouse

We will develop a smart phone app with which the owner can be connected to MIhouse to check on the status and to control functions.

Status and warnings

See the charging level of your house batteries, follow the electricity production a dull november day (yes, the solar cells even produce some energy those days) how much warm water there is left in the tank, and if you have hydrogen gas to transform to electricity.

You will even be able to check if the redworms in the compost toilet is happy and moving, as well as the status of the bacteria cleaning the water.

If you prefer not to know, and to have an fully automatic house system, go to settings to make this choice. Then you will only receive warnings, like when a appliance is broke and needs attantion.

Control and settings

With the app you may interact with your house on distance. Lower the heat if you will stay away over night, light the lamps before you get home. We will probably let you check your house visually with internet cameras and with alarms decide what actions to take when noticed, if you want.

With the app you may control the routine settings for temperatures, lights as well as entrance codes for family and friends.

Engagement and cost-savings

The app will keep the owners informed, create an interest and engagement. It will for sure save energy and money. Experience from zero energy houses shows that the information even makes friends of the owners excited about it. They spread the word about the energy savings and electricity production. How much money did you save last month?