house system


Apartments for lowest costs &  integrated hydrogen gas car pool

Only 19.500 SEK, only half of the m2 cost of producing conventional apartments in Sweden. With close to no running costs for heating, water, warm water and sewage. And with an integrated hydrogen gas car pool for extra electricity possibilities and as a service to the owners or tenants. This is profitable to all: builders, owners/tenants and the planet.

We are working on a 4 or 8 apartment design which share the energy storage and production, as well as some of the cleaning and recycling equipment. The house designs are mainly the same, with apartments in a row separated by concrete or stone walls and 4-glass walls on both sides. The apartments are planned to be in single storey too.

We are looking at the possiblity to build and sell the apartments as condominiums, self-owned apartments. A new way in Sweden of owning the apartment directly. This might also be interesting for investors who wants to own real and needed values, small scale, that can generate incomes soon by renting them.

The most exciting solution is to integrate a hydrogen gas car, available in a car pool for the owners. The hydrogen gas car is fuelled with clean hydrogen gas, that makes the car possible to drive up to 800 km. The hydrogen gas is transformed into electricity charging a battery that drives the electric motor. But the car, fully fueled, is an electric generator available for MIhouse. This solves the possible risk of running out of needed energy during long, dark and cold winters. The house energy system is connected to the car pool that use the smart phone app for booking the car. The house can block bookings of the car if it needs the energy for running the house. MIhouse can also ask someone to use the car to have someone fuelling the car if the gas tank is running low. This is really how technology can save the world.